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How to Stop the Habit of Smoking

Smoking can be harmful to your health.

Remember, the Federal Ministry of Health has worn that smokers are liable to die young.

But despite this warning, people still smoke. It has become an addiction which is now a habit.

Habit can be formed by constant repetition of an action or a thought.

When you keep repeating an action or keep internalizing a thought, along the line, it becomes a habit. Then addiction begins to take place.

Addiction is as a result of habit formed.

When you are addicted to smoking, it becomes difficult to stop.

To stop any habit, you have to replace the actions and thoughts that formed the habit in the first place with different thoughts and actions.

To stop the habit of smoking, you must first have a burning desire to leave smoking

Ask yourself some Heart Searching Questions.

1. How did i get into the habit of smoking in the first place?
2. What have i benefited from smoking since i started?
3. Have i been better health wise since i started smoking?
4. Have i been better financially since i started smoking?
5. How do people view me as a smoker and what is their opinion about me?
6. What will be my benefit if i stop smoking?
7. Will i be better health wise if i stop smoking?
8. Will i save some money if i stop smoking?
9. If people know that i no longer smoke, will they have a better opinion about me?

Say to yourself:


After my review about smoking, i have discovered that it has not benefited me in any way. It has not benefited me spiritually, financially and health wise.

It has not improved my standard of living; rather, it has taken something’s from me.

I have now resolved within myself that i will no longer smoke nor have anything to do with smoking.

I know that i am now a new creation. I know that i am now a new person. I know i can stop smoking from today (3x)

And i know that from today, i will never smoke again.

When saying these words, add emotions or feelings to them. Words spoken with emotions are more powerful than words spoken without emotions or feelings.
You will say these words to yourself for 90 days, Morning, afternoon and evening.

Don’t forget to emotionalize the words when saying them because emotional words get straight to your Spirit man.

Now what are we trying to do here?

We are trying to replace the thoughts that created the habit of smoking with new ones.

Thereby, installing a new operating system in the computer of your mind.

This is what the Bible calls “Renewing of your mind” in Romans 12 vs 2


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