Wike to declare all out war with street traders

Governor Wike of Rivers State is to declare all out war against street traders, mechanics, and artisans in a month time if they refuse to take their trade away from the streets and roadsides of Port Harcourt.

Wike in a meeting with traders, private park operators, and mechanics on Friday at the Government House, Port Harcourt, informed them that the time to clean up Port Harcourt has come. He gave them one month to leave the streets and roads of Port Harcourt.

“Today is May 31. By June 30, it will be one month. On July 1, you’ll see me. Anything you see, you take it. Port Harcourt must be clean, Port Harcourt must be free, whether you like it or not,” the Governor of Rivers State stated.

According to Wike, the meeting was organised to prevent any conflict with individuals who were making use of roads in Port Harcourt for businesses and street-trading.

“How many of you would be happy if you build a road, and most of you have taken over the road as mechanics? Mechanic is on the road now. Our roads have become mechanic workshops. Our roads have now become markets.

“You build motor parks, but you won’t want to use the motor parks. You build markets, you don’t want to use the markets. There’s a spirit in you that you can only sell if you are on the road or you can only repair a vehicle well if you are on the road.

“That’s too bad. Tell that spirit that the time has come, I am going to kill that spirit. I am going to kill that spirit,” Wike stated and his statement generated praise from a section of the people.

Port Harcourt, known as the Garden city, has been the hub of street trading for many years and if you move around the city, you will find refuse dumped indiscriminately.

Wike also went further to promise that his second tenure will bring back the former status of Port Harcourt as Nigeria’s “Garden city”.

He ended his meeting with the traders, mechanics, and artisans with a strong word;

“You are causing problem for us, you have littered our roads”.

Written by Frank Udoh

Frank Udoh is a content creator and curator with many years of experience. He is also an article writer and blogger


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