Why Guru Maharaji Ji wants Buhari to appoint him as his Spiritual Adviser

Founder of the One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaji Ji, has advised President Buhari to give him a place to serve in his new cabinet.

Speaking with reporters in Maharaj ji village, the man who claimed to be the Living Perfect Master of the Universe, said Buhari needs to appoint him as his “spiritual advisor.”

Sat Guru Maharaji ji said his request should be considered since all other religious groups and their leaders had failed.

He beckon on the President of Nigeria to assign him to manage the Ministries of Water Resources, Agriculture, and also Oil as well as Gas.

The founder of the One Love Family also requested that the Buhari-led federal government should “increase the wages and improve on the welfare of judges in the country to stop the temptation of receiving bribes directly or through agents.”

The man who described himself as the living perfect master, also advocated for the setting up of state police, saying it would aid in controlling the security challenges in the nation.

He also want the Buhari-led government to reveal the people behind the mismanagement of funds of some privatised Nigerian business, consisting of Nigerian Airways, Ajaokuta Steel, Delta Steel, Nigeria Electric Power Authority to name a few.”

He wants the government to create Ministry of Culture as well as Tradition, and the establishment of a “social security system to give all unemployed High School graduates the sum of N6,000, National Diploma holders a sum of N8,000, Higher National Diploma and Degree the sum of N15,000 monthly.”

Maharaji ji believes that with such social security system in operation, criminal activities will reduce drastically. The unemployed will have something to hold on till when they find a job.

“The Federal Government should increase the reward for whistle blower to 10% in order to encourage more Nigerians to take up the challenges, Alafin of Oyo should be made Chairman of the Council of Traditional Rulers in Nigeria ‘in consideration of his position from the inception of the project Nigeria as the leading king of the land,” he stated.

Written by Frank Udoh

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