Taiwan approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage

Taiwan approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage

Legislators in Taiwan have approved a bill which legalized same-sex marital relationship. This approved bill will make Taiwan the first self-ruled island in Asia to pass gay marital relationship (marriage) legislation.
The vote came virtually two years after the island’s Constitutional Court ruled that the existing regulation; which claimed marital relationship was only for male and female was unconstitutional. The panel of judges gave the island’s parliament spave of 2 years to modify or pass new legislations.
On Friday, just a week off the two-year target date lawmakers in Taiwan’s Legal Yuan passed a bill making same-sex marriage a fact as well as it will commence fully on May 24 2019.
Tens of thousands of individuals braved rainfall on Friday to show support for same-sex marital relationship (same-sex marriage) outside the parliament, where lawmakers were voting on three draft bills. The bill was backed by a group refered to as LGBTQ groups.

As an example, under Cabinet’s bill, a Taiwanese person could not wed foreigners from countries where same-sex marriage is illegal.  Many gay rights activists holding umbrellas, rainbow flags and placards came out in mass amidst heavy rain fall in the capital Taipel in support of equal rights in marriage.
Although the island has a big gay community and also its annual gay pride ceremony is the greatest in Asia, the problem of marital relationship (marriage) equal rights has divided Taiwanese culture. In a controversial referendum in November 2018, about 67% voted against same-sex marriage.
With this development, Taiwan has become first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriages.

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