Paris Jackson Steps Out For Dinner & A Movie With Her BF Just Hours After Alleged Suicide Attempt

After report of Paris Jackson’s attempted suicide went viral, few days later she was seen on Saturday just after what law enforcement sources had labelled as alleged suicide attempt.

Michael Jackson‘s daughter, 20, was involved in some type of incident on Saturday morning that required her to be rushed to the hospital at the time. Sources later reported to media outlets that the issue allegedly involved an attempted suicide over her reaction to the Leaving Neverland documentary.

Paris who strongly denied every allegation of suicide attempt was seen smiling and seem to be her old self again with a dinner date and a movie to watch with BF Gabriel Glenn… the perfect way to unwind after a tough day.

The 20-year-old model and her rock band BF were all smiles judging on the pictures captured during their dinner outing last night, opting to go for a meal at KFC and then a movie together.

Obviously, it’s a very interesting turn of events for Paris, especially considering just hours earlier she had reportedly been placed on a mental health hold and was being watched over during her hospitalization by medical professionals. If those same professionals can be believed, then, her alleged suicide attempt would also track as something extremely serious in light of the current controversies surrounding her late father.

But almost immediately after being released from the hospital, Paris quickly — and strongly, and consistently — denied the suicide reports. And then, just hours later, she was back out on the town with Glenn… so it appears there may be something else going on here!

Regardless this is a tough time for Paris and the rest of the Jackson family, as the elders among them found out during a concert in Brazil this weekend, too. Lots of people have LOTS of opinions about Michael, and the fallout from the sustained and long-standing allegations against him, and it’s no doubt weighing on the family of performers and artists as they try to make sense of the reactions and returns from Leaving Neverland.

For Paris, and all the rest of the family, above all, we can only hope that they’re coping well enough with everything that’s been going on after the documentary. Clearly, this weekend’s incident — whatever the reports turn out to be — was serious enough to trigger concerns.

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