The Jacksons Concert Goes On As Planned In Brazil, Even After Paris’ Reported Suicide Attempt

The concert must go on, obviously.

The Jacksons are not allowing the fall-out from Leaving Neverland and Paris Jackson‘s reported attempted suicide to put a stop to the show they are organising for those who are still their fans, despite what Leaving Neverland might have done to image of the family.

The show went on as planned as you can see from the video below:

On Saturday night, according to reports from the ground in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the family troupe hit the stage at Espaco Das Americas to a “packed audience” with Tito, Marlon, Randy, and Jackie on stage — Jermaine, who’s fighting with ill health at the time of the show, was one member of the family significantly missing out from the event.

The Jacksons sang all the staples of the old Jackson 5, including I Want You Back, ABC, Dancing Machine, and The Love You Save — all significant songs that unabashedly include Michael Jackson, who naturally has actually remained in extreme focus recently because of Leaving Neverland‘s fall-out after first airing on HBO.

And the Jacksons didn’t think twice to speak in defence of Michael Jackson at the performance, either, with Tito stating at one point prior to the program that the Brazil show “will be a tribute to Michael Jackson, since he is everything and will be represented on the stage.” Not pulling back!!!

Of course, in no small part the news here is that the concert went on just hours after Paris slit her wrists in what law enforcement sources allege was a suicide attempt that had a direct correlation to the fall-out from the documentary. Paris is now at home and said to be recovering with her team around her after first being monitored by professionals for a while yesterday for her mental health.

To say there’s a lot of upheaval going on in the Jackson world right now may understate things a bit. We can only hope Paris and others continue to have enough mental health support to sustain themselves as reactions to the documentary continue to come out.

On Tuesday, the Jacksons will carry out another show, choosing to remain strong, resolute and keep moving even after the documentary’s damning proof against Michael. Jermaine Jackson may likely not feature again as he continues to battle ill health.

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