Diabetes foot problems: Safety Showers for Those Associated With foot Problems

Diabetes foot problems: Safety Showers for Those Associated With foot Problems

diabetes foot problems

Millions of Nigerians are affected with diabetes. If left unattended, it may lead to various complications, like foot problem. Diabetes foot problem can either cause the foot the experience decreased sensitivity or cause the blood vessels to harden. Also, diabetes can cause your feet to become more vulnerable to infections. The worst thing that can happen is that you become amputated. When disability strikes, everyone in the family suffers.

Difficulties associated with immobility and amputation include the use of the bathroom, since it requires that the patient be on the tub or shower. And bathroom can be a dangerous place for people with disabilities. For this, you need to have showers for the disabled, which are specially designed for them to make bathing easier.

Showers for disabled people with diabetes foot problems come in various sizes and features, with the goal of making bathing a relaxing experience even for people with mobility issues. Cleanliness is next to godliness Since diabetes makes the patient prone to infections, especially the lower extremities, it is important to observe proper hygiene always. But if the patient is having a hard time moving, how can he wash his toes and check his body for bed sores, irregular skin growth, inflammation, or blisters? That’s one of the reasons why showers for the disabled were made. The goal is to make bathing easier, safer, and more accessible to those who have difficulty in moving. For instance, there are portable shower stalls that can be easily setup anywhere in the house so that the patient can easily go there and bathe himself. You simply have to connect the hose to a faucet or any water source and then the handicapped can begin washing himself. And since it is portable, after using, it can be folded and kept.

One important advantage of showers for disabled people with diabetes foot problems is that they allow the patient to bath all by himself without worrying about his safety. If he is on a wheel chair, he can bring it inside and bath while seated. If he can walk but with assistance, he can easily enter the accessible shower and then proceed with bathing. Should the diabetic feel a tingling sensation on his feet or notice signs of swelling, immediately call the doctor for it can be a sign of serious diabetes foot problems. After washing, make sure to help the patient in drying his feet completely, especially the parts between the toes to reduce the possibility of growing bacteria in between them. Trim the nails too as often as needed, do not remove calluses or skin lesions, and make sure to put clean socks and wear clean shoes.

The best way to prevent diabetes foot problems and other serious complications, it is important that the patient observe proper hygiene especially in the lower part of the body. Make sure to check the feet regularly and if there’s any sign of infection, contact immediately a professional health care representative.

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