Court Sentenced Lekan Shonde to death by hanging for killing wife

Lagos State High Court has sentenced a 51 year old Lekan Shonde to death by hanging for killing his banker wife, Ronke Shonde on 5th of May 2016.

Mr Lekan Shonde, who is a depot worker in Apapa area of the most populous city in Africa, Lagos State was found guilty of murder by Justice Josephine Oyefeso.

Ronke was accused by her husband of having an illicit affairs with the general manager of a publishing company. Because he believes Ronke was sleeping with the publisher who is called Kayode, he decided to beat her to death. The incident occurred on 5th of May 2016 but her body was discovered in her home in Egbeda by the family nanny on 6th of May 2016.

The nanny forced her way through the door to discover that she has been beaten to death. The husband, Lekan was nowhere to be found and all his phones were switched off.

Today, being 8th of March 2019, Lagos State High Court found Lekan Shonde guilty of murder and will die by hanging.

Written by Frank Udoh

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