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Wendy Williams Staff PISSED At Her; And Doubt if she is really Sick

Wendy Williams Staff PISSED At Her

Wendy Williams Staff PISSED At Her

Wendy Williams Staff PISSED At Her

Many staff of Wendy Williams daytime show has spilled their anger to DailyMailTV. They explained to DailyMailTV what their frustration is. According to them, their boss, Wendy, has not told them the full detail of what is going on. They claimed they know little of her claim of being sick, battling with grave disease and recovering from a fractured shoulder.

In the month of January, Wendy Williams announced that she will take a break from her popular daytime show. The reason given was that she is battling with Graves’ disease and trying to get better from a fractured shoulder.

Employees of the daytime show believes that everything is just rumour for now. To them the story that Wendy is divorcing her husband Kevin Hunter because he cheated on her and and got his presumed mistress pregnant is a rumour.

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Wendy Williams Staff PISSED at her because of the limited information they have on the matter. They believe they are supposed to have enough information more than the people out there.

See below what one of the staff that pissed at her said to DailyMailTV:

“Many of us have been here since the early days and it’s a complete joke to be kept in the dark like this. How could she be so selfish? We all rely on this paycheck.

I mean please, she has made a fortune from tearing people down, however, when it comes to her own life, it’s all a secret. Imagine if this was another celebrity living their life like she does, she’d be sipping the tea and talking about it on Hot Topics every damn day. She’s such a hypocrite.”

In one of her talk show which she was absent, Nick Cannon sat for her. Nick claimed on the Tuesday’s talk show that Wendy told him on phone that love and passion is still there with her and her hubby, Kelvin.

Reacting to that another staff spoke out against the alleged phone call:

“She’s managed to keep the real reason for her absence a secret, however you can’t leak something that no one knows. She’ll allegedly pick up the phone for Nick Cannon but she can’t tell us what is going on. For her to be talking about her ‘family unit’ to Nick, it’s an absolute joke. That ain’t no normal family unit.”

One other source even went as far as saying no one is buying the health battle she has placed on the table as her reason.

See the comment below;

“After she made that ratchety appearance at CVS in Florida last week we knew her excuses weren’t true. She looked disheveled, she didn’t look sick. We’re all hoping that she is finally getting her personal life in order and kicking Kevin to the curb so none of us have to deal with him ever again.”

The staff are really asking what is really going on.

Wendy Williams Staff PISSED At Her

What is going on? That is the question the staff of the daytime show wants to know. Even the readers also want to know.

Well, let me give my own little knowledge of what i think is going on.

She offended Nick Cannon so this was her way of getting back in his good graces because she knows that she’s probably going to need his connections after she takes such a long break from her show that her ass can’t get back on it.

Another thing is that Wendy Williams is being cheated on and of course she’s getting threats and different things of that nature over this whole cheating thing. She doesn’t want anybody to know. She doesn’t want anybody to see her sick. She doesn’t want anybody to see how vulnerable she is.

That’s why she has not updated her staff on what is going on. Another thing is like she is saying, “bitch I’m your boss. I don’t owe you an explanation. you just go to work and I’ll send you the paycheck and you’ll be alright”.

But the staff is worried because they’re like if something happens to this show, what’s going to happen with our checks and where are we going to go.

So I understand their complaints and I think that she should most definitely update her staff.

Written by Frank Udoh

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