Why There Can Never be a Cure for Cancer

Why There Can Never be a "Cure" for Cancer

Why There Can Never be a Cure for Cancer

Why There Can Never be a Cure for Cancer

Ty Bollinger: Can you tell me the name of your first book?

Bill Henderson: The first book was called “Cure Your Cancer.” I discovered somewhat later that that is really not a very good concept, simply because you can’t cure cancer, there’s no way. We’ll talk about that later if you like. But the cancer cure is never going to become a reality. Cancer is us. Every day we have cancer cells in our bodies, all of us that have no cancer diagnosis. And I finally learned that and I decided, well, what you want to help people do is get cancer under control.

That’s the concept. Get this cancer under control. It has temporarily spread and become uncontrollable in your body. And it’s not that difficult as it turns out.

Ty Bollinger: So, a better term to use is to say, control the cancer.

Bill Henderson: Absolutely, yeah, absolutely. It’s much better.

Ty Bollinger: You just told me now that we all produce or generate cancerous cell daily.

Bill Henderson: Every single day, yeah, probably hundreds of thousands. Nobody know the count, millions it could be. But think about it. We have 75 trillion cells in our body, Ty, and about 300 billion of those divide every single day. Cells that make up the cancer are a very tiny little portion of that.

And if it’s like 3/10,000 of 1% of cancer cells, of those dividing cells, that’s a million cells every day. Well it can even be more than that, and the human body or system takes care of these. The immune system with 130 different types of immune cells and about 14 trillion of them approximately is about 20% of our cells, it is taking care of these things that are non-self cells. Cancer cells just basically get controlled by the immune system until it can’t do it anymore. And then we get a cancer diagnosis, because the cells have exceeded our immune system’s ability to handle them and they form something, usually a tumor. Ninety percent of the time, it’s some kind of swelling in an organ somewhere.

The other 10%, it’s not a tumor. It’s melanoma on the skin or it’s lymphoma, leukemia. But, it’s all the same thing in my experience, Ty, and I think you agree. Cancer is cancer. It’s all the same thing, it’s an imbalance in our bodies where the immune system has been overwhelmed temporarily. We can revive that completely with entirely any type of cancer. But, we have to be aware of what this is in order to deal with it. And, unfortunately, the medical system does not teach us that. It teaches us that this is some kind of enemy that’s invaded our body. It’s the medical model of cancer the doctors are trained in, as you know. It’s simply that this enemy has to be attacked with all of the armament at their disposal.

cut it out of your body, use chemotherapy to Poison it, use radiation to destroy it and get rid of this enemy. Well, that’s completely ridiculous, okay? And the entire medical treatment system of cancer is based on that model of what cancer is.

Why There Can Never be a Cure for Cancer

What is cancer? Well, I will tell you what I believe it is, see if you agree. I believe it is simply a symptom of an imbalance or caused by an imbalance. It’s sort of like diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis. It’s a chronic, degenerative condition in our body caused by an imbalance. And that imbalance, once you understand that that’s what it is, you realize that this is not random; something randomly that happened to you. It’s happened for a reason.

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Something went wrong in your system or body resulting to the cancer formation or growth, or in whatever other form. And once you correct that reason, the cause of the imbalance, it goes away. The haman body has all it takes to shrink cancer tumors.

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