Tekashi69’s lawyer move to secure bail of $1.5 million for rapper

Tekashi69’s lawyer move to secure bail of $1.5 million for rapper

Tekashi69’s attorney are set to make efforts to secure a $1.5 million bail for the rap artist who has actually remained in federal custody since November.

The 22-year-old rap artist has actually stayed behind bars since mid-November, when he was jailed on a variety of charges, consisting of drug trafficking, racketeering and armed robbery.

His trial is set up to start in September of 2019. He will face an optimal life sentence if found guilty on all charges.

The rap artist’s legal representative, Lance Lazarro, informed TMZ he’s putting a bail bundle together for the rap artist in hopes of getting him release from the federal jail center where he’s being held, so he can enjoy some liberty till his trial starts in September.

The strategy is to ask the court to set Tekashi69’s bail at $ 1.5 million, and Lazarro will likewise make the case that Tekashi’s not a risk to the neighborhood, nor will he jump bail.

Tekashi69’s legal representative states he wishes to file the motion prior to his next scheduled court appearance in late January. The rap artist can wait for trial from the convenience of his own house as soon as he post the $1.5 million, if the judge rules in his favour and grants bail.


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