Young girl almost Lost her left leg while texting a friend

Have you ever had a collision with someone while walking and texting? Since the advent of various social media platforms dating back to Myspace, Yahoo Messenger, 2go and most recently Facebook, Instagram, twitter and lots of others. These platforms have caused various types of accidents and I am very sure you must have equally had an embarrassing moment yourself.

Recently, a slim teenager in China got her left leg stuck in a storm-drain while walking and texting. The girl who paid rapt attention to her smartphone while walking down the street called Mianyang city, in Southwest China’s Sichuan province.

She unfortunately stepped on a drain; her slim leg went right through the bars putting her left leg in a tight wedge. After, several attempts by passers-by to rescue her, the situation rather became serious and threatening. She covered her face up clearly embarrassed and was simultaneously in pain.

A kind hearted person had to call the Fire Brigade for the rescue. Fire Brigade spokesman Miang Lai said “we managed to remove the bars and quickly freed her once we arrived the scene”

Please, don’t text while walking or driving. In Nigeria, maybe she would have lost her leg because as we all know our fire service would have responded the next day. Don’t walk and text.

Written by Modestus Uwadi


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