Is Sanchez Going to Man United Because of Money?

Is Sanchez Going to Manchester United Because of Money? This is left for you to decide. But somebody is in the positive. Arsene Wenger, the coach of Arsenal believes that Alexis Sanchez is only moving to Manchester United because of the huge splash of money thrown at him.

How much is the money? Reports claim that Sanchez could earn as much as 450,000 pounds every week at Manchester United. Wow! This is money!

Let me tell you the truth, if i was in Sanchez shoes, i will leave Arsenal because of 450,000 pounds. Another reason i will leave Arsenal is because they are not in the Champions League and who knows they may end up not playing in the Champions League next season. So, why won’t Sanchez leave Arsenal? After all, he is a great player.

Written by Modestus Uwadi


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