Charly Boy says you need hard work to succeed in 2018, not pastor’s blessings

Charly boy, a popular activist and musician, said recently that you need hard work to succeed in 2018, not pastor’s blessings. We interviewed many people in the streets of Port Harcourt to know their opinion but one man’s opinion catches our attention. He chose to be called Anaeto. This is his reaction.

“I disagree with you Mr. Charly Boy. Sometimes we need the prayers of Men of God to succeed. But people have started replacing hard work with prayers. They are lazy Christians. You need prayer, you also need hard work. Where hard work is needed and you decided to pray, you will miss the mark. Where you need to work hard and you decided to call your Pastor to bless you, you are also missing the mark. Where you need a divine blessing that you can get from a man of God and you ignore it for hard work, you are also missing the mark. So, as creatures of God, we cannot deny that men of God are not necessary in our life. We need them and we also need to work hard. Hard work + personal prayer + pastor’s blessings = Grace Unlimited.”

Written by Modestus Uwadi


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