What Davido Should Have Done On the Night Tagbo Died

We take a look at the steps Davido could have taken on the night Tagbo died.

It is no longer news that Tagbo Umeike, a friend of music star, Davido was found dead in his car on October 4, 2017, but this could have been crises that could have been avoided.

A poll was carried out on if Davido is to be held responsible for the death of his friend, Tagbo, the majority of the voters said no he shouldn’t be held responsible. For the clear reasons being that Tagbo was an adult who could make decisions for himself.

As a celebrity and a man in the eyes of everyone, Davido had the chance to avoid the heartbreaking event that took place on that fateful day. He could have used his influence as a celebrity to take Tagbo to the hospital and trust the hospital staff would have taken him seriously since he is a known celebrity.

He could have informed the police immediately after he had discovered that Tagbo was dead so as to clear his face. If he had done that, there wouldn’t be need for this uproar.

Davido’s involvement in this crisis is obviously because he was present at the scene, he is a celebrity and everyone would want to know what and how he contributed in averting the incident.

If he had sorted things better that night it would have saved him so many troubles already.

Written by Modestus Uwadi


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