Monkey Pox: Uproar in Port Harcourt as Parents rush to school to carry their kids

Monkey Pox: There is news going on in Rivers State that the Military are going into schools to forcefully carry out immunization on the pupils. This is as a result of the previous rumour that went out in the South East part of the country during the operation Python dance. Parents are getting calls from Schools asking them to come and carry their kids. Some schools have shut down asking pupils to resume on Monday 23th October.

A woman that doesn’t want to disclose her identity told Talk News Sports that she saw men with Military uniform entering schools asking them to bring out the kids for immunization. According to the source, they were confronted by some Mobile Police officers who try to prevent the alleged Army men from entering a particular School to immunize the children.

There is a rumour that is been spread by some unknown group of people that the Military are the ones spreading the dreaded Monkey Pox disease. The fear of Monkey Pox disease is making parents to refuse their children from being immunize. Some sources also said that IPOB is the brain behind this rumour. They are reacting against the Army who invaded the home of their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, whose where about is yet to be ascertain till date.

Written by Modestus Uwadi


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